Efficient Geosteering and Drilling Optimization Services.


Our services include:

  • Feasibility studies to identify well placement opportunities in regards to formation evaluation and drilling optimization.
  • Pre-job modeling using offset and planned well data
  • Real-time and offline landing support and well log correlations
  • Real-time proactive geosteering of horizontal wells using LWD, MWD and geological data to keep wellbore in the desired target formations and enhance reservoir contact.
  • Real-time interpretation of bedding dip
  • Drilling optimization using real-time drilling mechanics measurements to find a ‘sweet spot’ with high ROP and efficient zone within the target.

Our experience:

Geosteered a wide range of horizontal wells in the Permian Basin with approximately 95% in zone.  Strong knowledge of the local geology including Delaware, Midland and Central basins. We performed great number of feasibility and geological studies in the area and have an extensive control in handling structural uncertainties at finer scale even when compared to seismic information.

We have helped clients to choose the right LWD tools and proactively placed well in sweet spots while drilling in complex structures even in the absence of seismic data and structural understanding. Our experience in the Basin has helped many clients to mitigate structural uncertainties field wide and increased the number of low cost infill drilling.

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